NDIS Community Nursing Services: A Guide to Support People with Disabilities



The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides support and assistance to people with disabilities across Australia. The scheme has been designed to ensure that people with disabilities have access to the necessary services and support they need to lead a better life. NDIS Community Nursing Services is an essential component of the scheme, providing critical healthcare and support to people with disabilities. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of NDIS Community Nursing Services and how they can support people with disabilities.

What are NDIS Community Nursing Services?

NDIS Community Nursing Services are designed to support people with disabilities who require complex healthcare services. These services include wound care, medication management, enteral feeding, tracheostomy care, and catheterisation. NDIS Community Nursing Services are delivered by qualified and experienced registered nurses who work closely with NDIS participants, their families, and their support network to deliver individualised and person-centred care.

Benefits of NDIS Community Nursing Services

NDIS Community Nursing Services offer several benefits to people with disabilities, including:

Improved Health Outcomes

NDIS Community Nursing Services can help individuals manage their health conditions and improve their overall wellbeing. The services can help prevent hospital admissions and promote early discharge from hospitals.

Enhanced Quality of Life

NDIS Community Nursing Services can help people with disabilities to live independently and participate fully in community life. They can assist with daily living activities and provide support for social and recreational activities.


Person-Centred Care:

NDIS Community Nursing Services are tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of each individual. This approach ensures that participants receive the care they need in a way that respects their dignity, autonomy, and choices.

How to Access NDIS Community Nursing Services

To access NDIS Community Nursing Services, individuals must be eligible for the NDIS and have a current NDIS plan that includes funding for these services. The NDIS plan must also identify the specific types of nursing services required.

Once an individual has been approved for NDIS funding, they can work with their NDIS plan manager or support coordinator to find a registered nurse who can deliver the required services. Participants can also search for registered nursing providers through the NDIS Provider Finder.


NDIS Community Nursing Services play a vital role in supporting people with disabilities to manage their health conditions and live independently. These services provide person-centred care that is tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each individual. By accessing NDIS Community Nursing Services, people with disabilities can improve their health outcomes, enhance their quality of life, and participate fully in community life.

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