NDIS Household Tasks

Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a program designed to assist individuals with disabilities or special needs to live independently in their own homes or within a community setting. This support system offers essential guidance, resources, and personalized assistance, ensuring a higher quality of life and fostering self-reliance. The importance of SIL can be emphasized through the following five reasons:

NDIS Plan Management

NDIS plan management refers to the process of handling funds and supports allocated under the National Disability Insurance Scheme. It enables participants to effectively utilize their funding and access necessary services. The benefits of NDIS plan management include:

Domestic assitance in Melbourne
support independent living

Social support
& companionship

Using our services, you’ll be able to take advantage of the things to do in your neighbourhood and gain the self-assurance you need to make meaningful lifestyle decisions.The closer you become to your peers, the stronger your ties to the community become.
Your goals can be met here with the help of our trained and professional support staff, including Companionship services like social outings and transportation to appointments or activities such as sports or music and art programmes like gardening or community service and participation in public events……

of life skills

Employees who work with clients are encouraged to develop routines that put their unique set of skills to good use.
To meet the client’s long-term goals and desires, new skills are introduced.
A person’s skill set is critical to their sense of self-identity, and we accept this as the case.
We help people learn new technology skills, time management, and organisational skills, as well as help them find training and employment opportunities.
It is critical for people to practise and improve their skills in order to feel a sense of pride and belonging in their communities, whether it is in their daily lives, personal ambitions, or the exploration of meaningful hobbies.

Development of life skills
Transport assistance in Melbourne

Transport training
and assistance

For travel and transportation arrangements like renting a car or taking public transportation, the company is confident in providing you with the best training and assistance.
Going on a trip somewhere else.
Our trained support staff can take you to appointments, shopping, visiting family or friends, driving you to school or any other activity using their own car or public transportation.
In addition, participants who are unable to travel independently can receive transportation support in the form of taxis or other private transportation at a reasonable and necessary cost.