Understanding your NDIS Plan

Choice and Control : The NDIS allows you to have as much choice and control as possible over the supports funded or provided in your NDIS plan.

Your early childhood partner, LAC or Support Coordinator will help you start your NDIS plan.

Support budgets

There are three types of support budgets that may be funded in your NDIS plan:

  • Core Supports.
  • Capacity Building Supports.
  • Capital Supports.

Core Supports

Core Supports are the essentials for living a normal existence. Core Supports funding is flexible, which means you can utilize funds from one Support Category to pay for another, as long as they’re both Core Supports

Core Supports assist you with daily activities, current disability-related requirements, and achieving your objectives. Your Core Supports budget is the most versatile, and you can use it to fund any of the four support areas listed below.

However, there are times when you do not have budgetary flexibility, particularly when it comes to transportation funding.

Please see below information from NDIS Website which describes Core Supports in more details :

In your planIn the myplace portalDescription
Assistance with Daily LifeDaily ActivitiesAssistance with daily necessities, cleaning, and/or yard maintenance, for example.
ConsumablesConsumablesEveryday goods that you may require.
Continence items, for example, or low-cost assistive technologies and equipment to boost your independence and/or mobility.
Assistance with Social & Community ParticipationSocial, community and civic participationA support worker, for example, could help you participate in social and community events.
TransportTransportThis is assistance in getting to work or other locations that will help you achieve your plan’s objectives.
  Each person’s transportation money and how it is provided to them (whether immediately or in regular instalments) will be different.
Your LAC will explain how you can put this money to good use.

Capacity Building Supports

Capacity Building Supports help you gain independence and skills to achieve your goals. Your Capacity Building Supports budget, unlike your Core Supports budget, cannot be transferred from one support category to another.

The funds can only be spent on approved individual supports that fall under the Capacity Building category.

The Capacity Building categories are as follows:

In your planIn the myplace portalDescription
Support CoordinationSupport CoordinationThis is a set fee for a Support Coordinator to assist you in using your plan.
Improved Living ArrangementsCB Home LivingHelp finding and maintaining a suitable place to live.
Increased Social & Community ParticipationCB Social Community and Civic ParticipationTraining and development to improve your skills so you can participate in community, social, and recreational activities.
Finding & Keeping a JobCB EmploymentThis may include employment-related assistance, training, and assessments to assist you in finding and keeping a job, such as school leaver employment supports.
Improved RelationshipsCB RelationshipsThis assistance will assist you in developing positive behaviours and interacting with others.
Improved Health & WellbeingCB Health and WellbeingInclude exercise or dietary advice to help you manage the effects of your disability.
Gym memberships are not covered by the NDIS.
Improved LearningCB Lifelong LearningTraining, advice, and assistance in transitioning from school to further education, such as university or TAFE, are examples.
Improved Life ChoicesCB Choice and ControlPlan management is a service that assists you in managing your plan, funding, and paying for services.
Improved Daily LivingCB Daily ActivityAssessment, training, or therapy to help you improve your skills, independence, and participation in the community.
These services can be provided in groups or one-on-one. 

Capital Supports

Capital Supports cover higher-priced assistive technology, equipment, and home or vehicle modifications, as well as funding for one-time purchases (including Specialist Disability Accommodation).

It is critical to remember that funds in the Capital Supports budget can only be used for their intended purpose and cannot be used for anything else.
Assistive Technology and Home Modifications are the two support categories in the Capital Supports budget.

The capital support categories are

In your planIn the myplace portalDescription
Assistive TechnologyAssistive TechnologyThis includes mobility, personal care, communication, and recreational inclusion equipment such as wheelchairs or vehicle modifications. 
Home ModificationsHome ModificationsHome modifications, such as installing a hand rail in a bathroom, or Specialist Disability Accommodation for participants who require special housing due to their disability, are available. 
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