Supported Independent Living Melbourne

Supported Independent Living Melbourne

What is Supported Independent Living

You will receive daily residential care from us in order to assist you in living independently. Participate actively in the life of your neighborhood. Collaborate with us to develop a strategy that will best address your requirements.
At the moment, we have openings available in the following locations: Bundoora.

For further information, please get in touch with us by calling at 03 6155 2273 or 0482 012 089.

Personalized support for independent Living, just for you.

If being able to live on your own is something that is important to you, then it must also be something that is important to us. In our assisted disability accommodation, we provide continuing help for individuals who are disabled, and we also provide assistance to individuals who wish to live in their own homes.

Because each person is one of a kind, it is important to us that you have the freedom to live your life as you see fit. Our services will allow you to participate in the life of your neighbourhood while maintaining control of your own family.

Living in a secure setting, actively participating in one’s local community, and having access to high-quality support can help one develop their independence and open doors to new opportunities.

Personalized support for independent Living
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Our homes and locations in North Melbourne

The assisted living facilities that we offer for seniors offer support around the clock. The houses in the suburbs are identical in appearance to those of the other homes in the community. It is possible to make adjustments to and instal aids in people’s houses so that they can continue to live there safely and with joy. The following is a list of the local government areas in which our disability housing can be found: Bundoora Whittlesea Preston

3. Is this category meant for me

People ages 16 to 65 who require ongoing daily care in order to live independently in their community can find accommodations in homes that provide supported independent living. The Department of Health and Human Services is responsible for managing open positions (DHHS). To indicate that you are interested in receiving care in a residential setting for people with disabilities, fill out an application for the Disability Support Register and send it to the DHHS Vacancy Coordination Unit.

Our Approach

We take a client-centered approach and individualise our support services based on the requirements of each client. We collaborate to develop an individualised strategy that details your objectives and preferences and explains how we can help you achieve your goals.

These objectives may involve a strategy for obtaining the assistance you require in order to:

  • enjoy your leisure time
  • hone your existing abilities or explore new ones.
  • Gaining skills necessary for daily living, such as housekeeping, shopping, and managing money
  • Take part in the life of the neighbourhood, use the public transportation system, and attend social gatherings.
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Help at your place of residence

We are able to assist you in designing your living arrangements in your own house so that they take into account your objectives, interests, and requirements.

We will collaborate with you to develop a customised plan for in-home support, which could range from a few hours of assistance per day up to assistance available around the clock.

We are able to help you with things like personal care, meeting the demands of daily life, participating in social and community activities, and skill development.

Reach out to us.

To discuss your thoughts and choices, please get in contact with our Customer Experience  Team by calling 03 6155 2273 or 0482 012 089, or you may send us an enquiry using the contact us form on the website.

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Please get in touch if you are looking for Supported Independent Living in Melbourne.

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