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NDIS participants with respite care

What is Respite Care?

The goal of providing primary caregivers of NDIS participants with respite care is to provide them with temporary relief from their responsibilities.
Respite care can be arranged for as little as one afternoon, as many as several days, or as long as several weeks, depending on the requirements of the primary caregiver.
This service is able to be provided either in the comfort of one’s own home or in a medical institution or adult day care centre.
At Careable, located in Melbourne, we provide the following three categories of care services:

1. Centre-based assistance and counselling care services:

Careable services are made available in professional centres, which create an atmosphere for their clients that is reminiscent of a home. They are provided with professional counselling in addition to the essential non-medical and medical support that is available to them.

2. Live-in care:

In professional centres, Careable services are made available, and these centres strive to create an environment for their customers that is evocative of the comforts of home. In addition to the essential non-medical and medical support that is made available to them, professional counselling services are made available to them as well.

3. Visiting care:

If all you need is someone to take care of the disabled person’s day-to-day responsibilities while you are at work or otherwise occupied, then you don’t need to worry about it.

We will provide caregivers who will make scheduled visits to your home at predetermined intervals.

Your mind will be at ease, allowing you to attend to other obligations or simply step out of the house.

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What is Short-Term Accommodation (STA)?

Careable is able to provide participants in the NDIS with short-term accommodation (STA) in the city of Melbourne.Participants with Disability are able to stay at our NDIS care facilities for a predetermined amount of time if they are eligible for short-term accommodation.

The perfect solution for them is to find short-term accommodation, whether they want a change of environment or are required to stay in a different NDIS accommodation for a few days for other reasons.
The individual will have the opportunity to participate in community life, take advantage of a wide range of facilities, and receive specialised assistance while they are a resident at one of Careable’s locations.

Who can access Short Term Accommodation (STA)?

All eligible NDIS participants can access Short Term Accommodation in Melbourne for the following reasons:
NDIS Short-Term Accommodation in Melbourne

What’s included in STA?

All of the people who take part in Careable are exposed to a welcoming atmosphere. Individuals staying at our accommodations for a short term have access to a variety of entertaining activities. In addition to this, it provides them with an opportunity to broaden their social circle and make new acquaintances.

The Benefit of Short-Term Accommodation:

Each participant’s eligibility for NDIS Accommodation funding is determined by their individual support requirements, as well as the impact those requirements will have on their caregiver and their family. If it is determined that a participant needs additional assistance, more financial resources will be made available to them.

When applying for NDIS, a substantial amount of supporting evidence is required in order to be considered. This includes providing evidence that you have a need for STA in order for your funds to cover these expenses.
The evidence consists of not only official documentation from an occupational therapist or other professionals, but also a letter of their informal support that explains why they need a break from work.

A support coordinator can assist you in locating the ideal STA provider for your needs. Because the STA was created to cater solely to the requirements of disabled individuals, it is unable to fulfill any requests made by caregivers for their own personal benefits.

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