Disability Support Worker. Is it for me ?

Disability Support Worker

The duties of disability support workers include assisting the elderly and people with disabilities with a wide variety of daily activities. Personal hygiene facilitation, mobility support, grocery shopping, food preparation, housework, and social event coordination are among the services provided.

An important part of this job is to provide companionship and emotional support. Workers in the field of disability support may come to see their clients on a regular basis or even move in with them.

Key skills needed to become a Disability Support Worker

Disability support workers assist customers in becoming more independent and improving their quality of life. They go to the homes of their customers and offer both physical and emotional assistance to the clients they serve.

  • Providing assistance to people so they can successfully carry out significant daily activities.
  • Providing assistance with routine activities such as dressing and personal hygiene
  • Taking care of responsibilities at home, such as preparing meals and cleaning the house
  • Performing activities away from the house, such as going shopping.
  • Making sure there is a wide range of different social activities planned.
  • Providing friendship and emotional support to one another.

Qualifications needed to become a Disability Support Worker

Even though having formal qualifications isn’t required to work for a certain provider, you may be required to have a certificate III in Support Work in order to work for them.
It is also a helpful way to learn more about the industry and get clear expectations about what it will be like once you start working there.

If you want to work with children, you are going to need to get a background check, a certificate in first aid, and a check that says you are qualified to work with children.
If you want to assist customers by providing transportation, you are going to need a dependable vehicle and insurance that covers everything.

Looking for certifications?

Certificate III in Individual Support

This course will provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to work in the field of care for the elderly, disabled, in the home, or in the community.
You will acquire the skills necessary to work with individuals in their homes or in community settings to promote the independence and well-being of those individuals.

Certificate IV in Disability

This course is designed to reflect the role of a disability worker, who is responsible for performing duties in a variety of settings, such as in the homes of clients and in community-based settings.
Students are taught the knowledge and skills necessary to provide support to clients in a way that is empowering to clients and helps clients achieve greater levels of independence.

Is it for me ?

In the lives of their patients, each carer brings a unique perspective. Think about what you like to do, who you want to work with, and what you’d like to talk about with others. Do you enjoy watching movies? A video game marathon or a sports talk show could keep you occupied all afternoon.  Are there any talents or interests outside of work that you could use to benefit your clients?
Nationally, disability support workers make an average of $1320/week, which is lower than the average salary for all industries. Disabilities support worker jobs can be a rewarding career choice for those who want to empower and support people with disabilities to achieve their full potential. Disability support could be the next step for you if you are passionate about working with diverse people in various settings to provide person-centered care.

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